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1.Tom was shocked to find that the water kept rising.He was trapped in his house and his heart suddenly jumped into his throat.汤姆震惊地发现水一直上涨。他被困在他的房子里,他的心一下子提到了嗓子眼。

2.Frozen with fear,he stood rooted to the spot,various terrible thoughts flooding in.吓得僵住了,他站在那里一动不动,各种可怕的想法向他涌来。

3.Luckily,some rescue workers came to his aid,bringing him the last glimmer of hope.A sense of calmness immediately replaced the mounting fear and anxiety in his mind.幸运的是,一些救援人员来帮助他了,给他带来了最后一线希望。镇静立即替代了心里不断增加的恐惧和不安。

4.Having suffered so much,Tom couldn’t contain his emotions and tears of gratitude trickled down his cheeks,like a broken line of beads.遭受了这么多,汤姆再也不能抑制自己的情绪,感激的泪水像断了线的珠子一样滚下他的脸颊。

5.With desperate tears, she suddenly spotted a boat with a figure walking on it. She waved and cried for help with all her strength. 在绝望的泪水中,她突然看到一条船,上面有一个人在走动。她挥挥手,用尽全身力气喊救命。

6.She was soon picked up and taken towards where her father and sister were. Fortunately, they didn't drown but her father seemed to be giving out, with one hand holding tight to the boat, the other holding Cierrah.


7.Later, when asked what gave her the strength and perseverance to continue both in the cold water and in great fear. Kiana thought it had to do with family. “I just wanted to save my family, and I didn't want anything bad to happen to them. So I couldn't spare a second to worry or fear.” She said.

后来,当被问及是什么给了她在冰冷的水中和极度的恐惧中继续下去的力量和毅力时,Kiana认为这和家庭有关。 “我只是想救我的家人,我不希望他们发生任何不好的事情。所以我没有时间去担心或害怕。”她说。

8.The man heard Sydney's cry and rushed over. Sydney briefed him on the situation, and the man did not hesitate to help the woman.


9.Happily, it worked this time. As a result, the woman threw up the food stuck in her throat and began gasping for air, and she was saved.

幸运的是,这一次成功了。 因此,那位女士把卡在喉咙里的食物吐了出来,开始大口喘气,她得救了。

10.Nervous and anxious, Norwood struggled to calm herself down and carried out first aid to Simmons.


11.Seeing Simmons wake up from passing out, Norwood breathed a sigh of relief.


12.We have learnt from the incident that life is valuable and the skill of saving is more valuable.


13.The big wind roared through our ears, and we were pushed away from the shore farther and farther.


14.After what seemed a century, I felt very exhausted while swimming hard to keep myself afloat.


15.Hearing the screams, Henry ran to the riverside, threw off his clothes and jumped into the water without hesitation.



(1) Mac was pedaling along the mountain road when he saw a wolf chasing him,opening its bloody mouth.His fear was beyond description.He begged passing drivers to help him,but in vain.So he got off his bike without hesitation,seized it and threw it at the wolf with all his strength,struggling to frighten the wolf away.He was about to become the food of the wolf when his friends joined him.When he referred the horrible thing to his friends,he still felt as if his hair had stood on end.


(2)On a foggy morning,a wild wolf slipped into our house.My brother and I were panicked into screaming.Our throats tightened and we nearly choked to death.My brother wrapped his arms around me tightly and he nearly collapsed.At that time,seeing a thick stick,I jerked away my brother’s arms,grabbed the stick and desperately smashed it to the wolf.The wolf fled in roars.I swallowed hard.I stumbled to my trembling brother,helped him to his feet and slapped him on the back to ease his nervousness.


(3)One summer day, Chase and Abigail were swimming at the back of the anchored boat while their Dad Steven was fishing on deck. It was a perfect outing where the colors of the deep blue sky, the light green river water and the mild late May sunshine mixed to create a magic scene. Off the shore lay quietly several cottages. Everything was perfect until a strong current emerged, sweeping away Abigail. Instantly realizing how dangerous it was, Chase swam after his sister, screaming at his father desperately for help. Without thinking twice, Steven ped into the water and swam towards the two kids with all his efforts. Hearing Chase's desperate cries, people in the cottage rushed out immediately. Realizing what had happened, they grabbed the rescue equipment, jumped into the boat and paddled as fast as they could. Luckily, after a careful and thorough search, Steven, Chase and Abigail were found and rescued. It was the selflessness and generosity of the people that saved them.





One fall, my wife Elli and I had a single goal: to photograph polar bears. We were staying at a research camp outside “ the polar bear capital of the world ” — the town of Churchill in Manitoba, Canada.  

Taking pictures of polar bears is amazing but also dangerous. Polar bears — like all wild animals — should be photographed from a safe distance. When I’m face to face with a polar bear, I like it to be through a camera with a telephoto lens. But sometimes, that is easier said than done. This was one of those times.

As Elli and I cooked dinner, a young male polar bear who was playing in a nearby lake sniffed, and smelled our garlic bread.

The hungry bear followed his nose to our camp, which was surrounded by a high wire fence. He pulled and bit the wire. He stood on his back legs and pushed at the wooden fence posts.

Terrified, Elli and I tried all the bear defense actions we knew. We yelled at the bear, hit pots hard, and fired blank shotgun shells into the air. Sometimes loud noises like these will scare bears off. Not this polar bear though — he just kept trying to tear down the fence with his massive paws (爪子).

I radioed the camp manager for help. He told me a helicopter was on its way, but it would be 30 minutes before it arrived. Making the best of this close encounter (相遇), I took some pictures of the bear.

Elli and I feared the fence wouldn’t last through 30 more minutes of the bear’s punishment. The camp manager suggested I use pepper spray. The spray burns the bears’ eyes, but doesn’t hurt them. So I approached our uninvited guest slowly and, through the fence, sprayed him in the face. With an angry roar (吼叫), the bear ran to the lake to wash his eyes.


1. 所续写短文的词数应为150左右;

2. 至少使用5个短文中标有下划线的关键词语;

3. 续写部分分为两段,每段的开头语已为你写好;

4. 续写完成后,请用下划线标出你所使用的关键词语。

Para 1:

A few minutes later, the bear headed back to our camp. ___________________

Para 2:

At that very moment, the helicopter arrived. _____________________________

One possible version:

Para 1:

A few minutes later, the bear headed back to our camp. Then we realized that the spray had only angered him even more, for he seemed much fiercer this time and violently pushed the fence like mad. My heart raced wildly, not knowing what to do. At this critical moment, Elli grabbed several pieces of garlic bread and threw them over the fence. It worked! The bear stopped the attack and ran to the bread. But it wasn’t long before he ate up all the bread and came back again.

Para 2:

At that very moment, the helicopter arrived. “Thank goodness we are saved!” Elli cried out. Once the helicopter landed, we got onto it in no time, excited and relieved. When we were safe on the helicopter up in the air, I was amazed to spot that the bear had finally torn down the fence and ran towards the food we left behind. I quickly took out the camera and photographed the rare scene — we were robbed by a polar bear!