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1. As I grew older, I realized the importance of setting goals and the value of hard work to achieve them. 随着我年龄的增长,我意识到设定目标和通过辛勤工作实现它们的重要性。

2. Having been through difficult times, I have come to understand that failures are just opportunities to learn and grow. 经历了艰难的时刻,我开始领悟到失败只是学习和成长的机会。

3. Being surrounded by positive influences, such as supportive friends and family, has helped me develop a strong sense of self-confidence. 身边有支持我的朋友和家人,这样的积极影响帮助我建立了强大的自信心。

4. Learning to manage my time effectively, while balancing school, work, and personal responsibilities, has been a crucial part of my journey to adulthood. 学会有效地管理时间,平衡学业、工作和个人责任,对我成长的旅程至关重要。

5. Having experienced both success and disappointment, I have come to appreciate the importance of perseverance and determination in achieving my dreams. 经历了成功和失望,我开始感悟到坚持不懈和毅力在追求梦想中的重要性。

6.As I look back on my journey of growth, I realize that the challenges I faced were instrumental in shaping me into the person I am today. 回顾我成长的旅程,我意识到我所面临的挑战对我成为今天的自己起着至关重要的塑造作用。

7. Learning to persevere through difficult times, whether it be through studying for exams or dealing with personal struggles, has taught me the value of resilience. 学会在困难时期坚持不懈,无论是通过学习考试还是处理个人斗争,都教会了我韧性的价值。

8. Learning from my mistakes, I have become more resilient and better equipped to handle challenges that come my way. 从错误中吸取教训,我变得更有韧性,更有能力应对遇到的挑战。

9. By taking opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone, I have been able to broaden my horizons and discover new passions. 通过抓住机会走出我的舒适区,我能够拓宽我的视野并发现新的激情。

10. Recognizing the impact of my words and actions on those around me, I have strived to be more mindful and empathetic in my interactions with others.


11.In the past few years I have gone through numerous setbacks and difficulties, which are beneficial to my personal growth and development as a matter of fact.在过去的这些年里我经历了无数的挫折和困难,其实它们对我个人的成长和发展是有益的。

12.It suddenly occurred to Aram that “One should stick to his/her dream no matter what happens.”


13.Reflecting on my experiences, I have learned that success is not solely defined by material possessions or accomplishments, but by the relationships and connections we form with others.


14.Having been influenced by the guidance of my parents and mentors, I have come to appreciate the value of giving back to my community and helping others in need. 在父母和导师的指导下,我开始意识到回馈社区和帮助有需要的人的价值。

15.Through consistent effort and dedication, I have been able to develop skills and talents that have helped me achieve my goals and aspirations. 通过坚持不懈的努力和奉献精神,我能够发展技能和才能,帮助我实现自己的目标和抱负。

16.It was Mom who taught me that we should never take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.


17.Growing up, I wanted to be just like my mom. Kind and caring, she always seemed to make people comfortable in her presence.


18.Through our lives, we can gain a lot and lose so much. But being honest should always be with us, as honesty is a virtue.


19. Taking on leadership roles in various extracurricular activities has taught me the value of teamwork and collaboration. 在各种课外活动中担任领导角色教会了我团队合作和协作的价值。

20. Traveling solo and stepping outside of my comfort zone has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of myself and what I am capable of achieving. 独自旅行和走出舒适区让我对自己和我能够实现的目标有了更深入的了解。

21.As long as you have a dream, just go for it, and never give it up easily. Your dream might not come true in one or two days, but it will someday.


22.The golden sunlight slid in Ada's room, lighting her face as well as the future path for her to follow the dream of pursuing her dream.



When I was 13, my only purpose was to become the star on our football team, meaning beating out Mike, the most gifted/talented player at our school. Just before September, Mike was struck by a car, losing his right arm. That season, I broke all of Mike's records while he watched the home games, for which I stood out and was named the most valuable player. However, I often had crazy dreams where I was to blame for Mike's accident. One day, he said to me, “Good job! Thank you for filling in for me.”, which freed me from my bad dreams. Damaged but not defeated, he was still optimistic and ahead of me and more of a leader. There is no doubt that I grew bigger and a little more real from that day on.



Two things changed my life: my mother and a white plastic bike basket. I have thought long and hard about it and it's true. I would be a different person if my mom hadn't turned a silly bicycle basket into a life lesson I carry with me today.

Managing the family budget(预算)must have been a very hard task,but my mother made it look easy. If we complained about not having what another kid did, we'd hear something like, "I don't care what so-and-so got for his birthday; you are not getting a TV in your room, a car for your birthday or an expensive birthday party. "We had to earn our pocket money by doing the housework. I can still remember how long it took to shine(擦亮)the legs of our coffee table. My brothers can no doubt remember hours spent cleaning the house. We made our own beds(no one left the house until that was done).We had to keep track of our belongings(物品),and if something was lost, it was not replaced.

It was summer and, one day, my mother drove me to the bike shop to get a tire fixed—and there it was in the window. White, shiny, plastic and decorated(装饰)with flowers,the basket winked(眨眼)at me and I knew—I knew—I had to have it.

"It's beautiful," my mother said when I pointed it out to her. "What a nice basket."

I played it cool for a short while. But then I guess I couldn't stand it any longer: "Mom, please can I please, please get it? I’ll do extra chores for as long as you say. I'll do anything, but I need that basket. I love that basket. Please, Mom. Please?"

"You know, "she said,gently rubbing my back while we both stared at(注视)what I believed was the coolest thing ever," If you save up you could buy this yourself."

"By the time I make enough it'll be gone!"

"Maybe Roger here could hold it for you," she smiled at Roger, the bike store Owner.

"He can't hold it for that long, Mom. Someone else will buy it. Please, Mom, please?"

"There might be another way," she said.




And so our paying plan began.


Days later, a neighborhood girl appeared with the exact same basket fixed to her shiny, new bike.


【答案】 And so our paying plan began. My mother bought the beautiful basket and put it safely in some hiding Fe I couldn't find. Each week I eagerly counted my growing savings increased by extra work here and there: washing the car, helping my mother make dinner, delivering or collecting things on my bike that already looked naked without the basket in front. And then, weeks later, I counted, re-counted and jumped for joy. Oh, happy day! I made it! I finally had the exact amount we'd agreed upon……
 Days later, a neighborhood girl appeared with the exact same basket fixed to her shiny, new bike. I rode hard and fast home to tell my mother about this disaster. This horrible turn of events. And then came the lesson I've taken with me through my life: "Honey, your basket is extra-special," Mom said, gently wiping away my hot tears. "Your basket is special because you paid for it yourself."

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